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This is the place what you required the exact location and work.

Locating a qualified employee can be done in a number of ways and one of the processes is hiring a recruitment company. Currently, you can find several agencies offering employment services. If you want additional workforce, seeking the assistance of a human resource agency can be beneficial, particularly financially. Instead of searching, hiring and training your own personnel, you can let Friends Manpower Recruitment do these tasks for you. We are equipped with an extensive database, pertaining to potential and existing applicant records. Through our database we can fill vacant positions in your company with competent workers across a broad range of industries and sectors. Gross Root International Recruitment prepares candidates for job vacancies through meticulous testing process, placement procedures and skills training. Gross Root Internatoinal Recruitment is composed of a team of professional experts that have an accumulated broad international experience to assess each applicant and match them to your requirements and providing valuable advice when it comes to hiring manpower. We can provide you with efficient solutions regarding new positions in your company.


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We, the GROSS ROOT INTERNATIONAL, work for human recourses and give opportunities to go abroad and get the best wages from authorized company facilitators.

Our message for overseas who want to go abroad they will contact to authorized overseas promoters, who they have valid license to work for overseas manpower (all trade and visit visas).

Don't contact to any one personally who is not overseas valid license promoters.

Our passion is your help.





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